Alarms and cctv for the home

The security of your home and possessions is of utmost importance. Here at Invictus we can help you stay secure with our range of alarms and CCTV solutions.

We professionally install Grade 2 or Grade 3 Alarm systems that will call or text you in the event of an incident. These systems can also be monitored by an external monitoring company and in turn linked to the police if required. We only fit the most reliable and trustworthy systems, whether wireless (Castle) or wired (Galaxy), all of which are approved and recognised by insurance companies. This provides complete peace of mind.

If you would like to go one step further and have eyes on your property, Invictus can provide the most up to date CCTV systems on the market. HD cameras are new to the marketplace and Invictus are at the forefront of this change with a number of systems available. Images can be viewed remotely on a PC or phone (Apple, Samsung, or Android), and video can even be played backed remotely.

See live pictures below and see the difference in analogue and HD.